Pie and Bovril Update

I just posted the following on the Pie and Bovril site to encourage more clubs and supporters to join Twitter and register with us.

Clydebank have an official twitter account now but www.thejuniors.info will continue to follow the two originals tweeters too for the foreseeable future.

All those on board, tweeting and playing against a club who isnt on twitter – give them a nudge in the general direction of The Juniors and encourage them to sign up.

The more clubs we have registered the better the results service will become. Our aim is to have each game updated within 60 seconds of a goal or major incident and the same for half time and full time scores. For this to happen, we require clubs on board, preferably in an official capacity such as a committee member or a genuine supporter of the club(s).

Some of our tweeters are sending professional comments, which is captivating if you have a interest in a particular game.

Imagine the scenario towards the end of the season when promotion and relegation battles are common place. The interest in the Juniors service will be elevated to new heights. Your team could be down 1-0 and relying on a result elsewhere to remain in the league. The service will be invaluable under these circumstances. However, it will only work if we get the majority of the teams working with us.

The interest received in the West of Scotland is promising and I believe we can obtain 90% sign up by the start of next season. The East of Scotland is not as encouraging. Come on guys – this service will promote the game in the media as we have interest from Radion and Newspapers alike. Sign up and join us.

Finally, we have a weekly best tweeter award, just for fun and so others can see what we are looking for during matches.


For full thread see http://bit.ly/bBxVjA


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Thank you, to all who have contributed to the website so far. I will be looking to add a few more features in the next couple of weeks.
All contributions are welcome so please contact us whether you’re interested in doing club features, interviews ,match reports or any other suggestions.
Ideally we would like to to have material from all our juniors clubs.

Keep checking back for updates.
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********** Anyone interested in contributing please email me at scottishjuniors@hotmail.co.uk

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