Andy Scott Interview

Andy Scott

We took the time to catch up with Andy Scott who currently plays with Bo’ness United and can count Motherwell, Alloa and Shotts among his previous clubs.

Who was the biggest influence on your career?
My dad- I used to go to all his games when I was younger. Also when I’ve came to moving clubs he’s always been there to give good advice.

Your proudest moment as a footballer?
Making my debut for Motherwell when I was 18 was special but proudest moment would be winning the Scottish Junior Cup with Shotts.

Biggest career disappointment?
Being relegated with Alloa- we had lost the league on goal difference the season before so it was unexpected.

Best player you have played with?
James McFadden- things he could do with the ball were outstanding.

The best goal you have scored?
Against Raith Rovers away in the league with Alloa at Starks Park- picked it up on half way line and hit it into top corner from 25 yards.

Toughest opponent & why?
Mark Campbell who is now at Auchinleck- we were playing Raith Rovers with Alloa and I was playing up top and he was winning everything in the air. Iain Campbell who was playing left back for us shouted up at us to hold it up better and Mark told him to come up and try and challenge him then! Needless to say, he didn’t!

Favourite away ground?
Luckily while with Alloa, Queens Park were in our league so I had the chance to play at Hampden a few times so I would say there.

Any thoughts on the pyramid and Lowland League?
I think it’s a good thing that the 3rd division bottom clubs have something to play for – my mate plays with East Kilbride FC and says the standard is pretty good in the lowland league. It would be a good thing to get fresh teams into the SPFL.

What’s your opinion on junior clubs in The Scottish Cup?
I’ve been lucky to have played in the senior Scottish with Shotts and Bo’ness and they were good ties with good crowds. I think the crowds this year against Elgin and Arbroath have shown it’s healthy and we more than held our own.

Would you like to see as East/West Super League?
I have preferred playing in the East since moving here- although it would be a really competitive league im not sure how they would choose who would be in it.

Best manager you have had and why?
Tony McInally at Cumbernauld and Shotts. Never left a stone unturned and his training was excellent. I don’t think it’s any surprise that Pollok are doing so well this season now he’s been able to stamp his authority on the team.
The preparation Tony and his coaching staff put in for the Scottish Cup final with us having so many games to play in the lead up to it was the main reason we won it.

You recently turned 30, when you retire do you see yourself in the dugout?
Thanks for reminding me! Yeah I could see myself managing when I’m a bit older. I would prefer to wait until I have completely finished playing though.

Funniest thing you have seen on football field?
Chris Donnelly our captain this season tried to cross the ball in and kicked his other foot and fell flat on his face- still makes me laugh thinking about it the now.

What’s your normal pre-match meal?
Scrambled egg on toast or poached eggs on toast

Do you have any superstitions?
I always wear a long sleeved under armour to warm up then a short sleeved or vest to play in.

Any rule changes you would like to see?
The offside rule to go back to if your offside your offside.

What’s the main changes you have seen in football since you started?
These days you’re not allowed to tackle at all and it’s made the game practically non-contact- even at junior level.

Do the crowd influence you when playing?
I don’t really pay attention to the crowd that much although you can hear our home fans if things aren’t going our way getting impatient which I think has an effect on the players at times.

Any advice for youngsters?
Listen to senior players as they’ve been there and done it.

Are you any good at other sports?
Im really good at raquet sports and had a Lawn Tennis Association rating when I was younger and played for West of Scotland select. I had to give up because of football.

Which four famous people dead or alive would you have at a dinner party?
Katherine Jenkins, Gazza, Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson

Do you play a musical instrument?
The spoons 

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?
I have flat feet

First record you bought?
Michael Jacksons album Dangerous

Favourite film and why?
Lucky Number Slevin- didn’t expect the ending at all

Top holiday destination?

Worst item of clothing you own?
My team mates would def say the vest I wear under my strip so I’ll go with that!

And finally best eleven players you have played with?
Ray Jellema
David McClune Scot Buist Jazz Juttla Steven Hammell
Scott Leitch
Keith Lasley Roberto Martinez

Dougie Wilson David Clarkson James McFadden

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