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The site have announced an exciting link up with ex Hibernian star David Farrell.
Every week we will publish David’s blog on here for all to read. Although not about junior football per se it gives an in depth behind the scenes look at the game we love, and can strike a chord with football fans at all levels of the game.

Over the summer we will publish some of David’s back catalog as we catch up. David also has a book out available from November.


I had a horrible sleepless night last night, tossing and turning. All manner of thoughts going through my head. You see, last night I got a phone call, an expression of interest, nothing more, but an interest nevertheless. Someone has asked me if I would consider coming in to help them at their club, lend my experience if you like. Now it’s important for me to stress here, there are other candidates, probably lots of them. But in the football world, that expression of interest is the equivalent of the Hogmanay fireworks going off in your head, hence the return of the sleepless night.

Should I be lucky enough to be eventually offered the position and should my family circumstances allow me to take it, I know only too well, the insomnia is only just starting its well worn path through my insatiable football brain. It comes with the territory. But why would anyone continue to put themselves through that? It’s a question I have asked myself many times over the years and, other than a vaguely masochistic streak, it continues to become difficult to justify any reasonable answer to my family. Generally though, it keeps coming back to one thing. That this one will be the job that elevates me to greatness, that success in the next job will ensure the big boys take notice and I can step up to the big league, that in six months time I don’t have to return, tail between my legs, to the wonderful world of the Glasgow Hackney Carriage.

It’s in all of us; coaches, managers, players and fans alike, that intoxicating power of football, and we wouldn’t have it any other way would we?

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