Juni part 2


Well here we go pre-season is underway for a lot of clubs, some seem to start their preparations with trips to Inverness or Newcastle but still each to their own I guess. I suppose that this first session was where they practise after match re-hydration eh.
As well as being a fan of the Junior set up, I also have an interest in palaeontology, that’s fossils to those north of Dundee, and I must admit I have been told on several occasions that the game is run by those encrusted in rock dating back before even Sepp Blatter, however, I believe that the decision to leave the start of the season up to each region is a good thing, well I did until I discovered that only the North Region were going to let their sides cash in by playing sides that start earlier, hey ho.
You may remember last week I mentioned I had been watching the Womens World Cup, well apparently countries have been able to object to the appointment of a referee, now this may be an idea being trialled but can you imagine if that was applied to our level. We would never stop objecting, don’t like him, or him, or her, or him, he gives us nothing don’t want him.
Talking of our loveable friends in the middle I was “lucky” enough to witness a “charity” game between two Referee associations at the weekend. Jeez, talk about ill tempered, within 5 minutes all twenty two players were in the middle of the pitch pushing and shoving each other, one official waddled, I cant say ran, 30 yards to push another one over, unbelievable. Charity, ha you must be joking.
Well that’s me for another week, I am off to Hampden this week looking for fossils apparently there are quite a few on open display !!!

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