Juni Part one

We extend a warm welcome to our new Brazilian junior football fan and paleontology expert juniorasauras as he fills us in on his thoughts on the junior game.


Well that’s the National AGM out of the way for another year and we have two new clubs to visit so welcome to Easthouses Lily and Gartcairn Juniors.
Pre-season will be starting soon, so it will be time to get the trainers out for stage one which will be running, stage two that will be running and without doubt stages three and four will be running. Will our coaches realise that it’s called football for a reason! Not “lets run the balls off em while we stand here and laugh”. Not that I will be taking part I must add, I will be the one taking the photographs for Facebook of the players throwing up in the sand dunes or somewhere. The memories of Magaluf, Ibiza and Liverpool will come flooding back….literally.
Talking of Liverpool, it seems that the famous city of the Beatles, Brookside and Bevvie has become the destination of choice for the more discerning Junior player this year, I know of one player who actually flew in from the French Riviera (where he was apparently working) just to join his team mates on the cultural weekend. You know what they say though boys what goes on tour stays on tour.
I don’t know about you guys but this year I have been able to grab an added fix of foxy football courtesy of the Woman’s World Cup and I tell you what I have seen some crackers………games I mean. I have also been able to confirm that Jonathan Pearce sounds condescending whatever he commentates on, however, the flip side is that I have yet to work out why Trevor Sinclair is the token male “expert” in the studio, to think he was linked with the Raith Rovers job.
Anyway that’s enough from me for this week, someone told me that a certain SPL side are playing a bounce game in the locality, it’s all hush hush but I think the Aberdeen FC on the side of the bus taking them from training site to training site kind of gives it away. So I am off to see Game 1 of season 2015/16

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