Juni part 3


Great it’s a Saturday in Pre-Season that must mean a game………er no, not for us in the Juniors, apart from those with a preference for furry animals in the North. Lowlands League are playing, Highland League are playing, blimey lets face it St Johnstone are already out of Europe yet we aren’t allowed to play a game, as you can imagine my dinosaur hunting went well, when visiting Hampden.

I was at a game during the week involving one of our SPFL cousins and asked why there were so many players in the Juniors that could still do a job in the senior ranks, not a difficult question to answer is it, wonga, dosh, spondoolicks, money. We have all heard the rumours of Junior clubs paying Senior wages, I was always told that clubs in the West are all paying big bucks, it would now appear that the East are pretty close behind as for the North , well two burgers and a night with flossy still gets you a decent player.

There is a vicious rumour that the East Region may have their fixtures for the start of the season but that depends on the Fixtures Secretary shaking his balls up and releasing them from the bag, seemingly he tried that whilst he was on holiday recently and nearly got arrested.

Finally for this week, I heard a story from a club in the East. Their groundsman of several years, Terry Dactyl, was complemented on the condition of the playing surface prior to the new season. To which he replied “Aye well ye ken why, it’s all that shite that’s been on it for the last few season”
See you next week

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