Juni part 5


I am back, just as it is about to get interesting, the games against opposition we know we will beat are over, this **** is about to get real………steady on I need to calm down a bit. This is Junior football we don’t get excited now do we.

When did the Junior game join the pyramid system and climb above the 1st and 2nd divisions, on my travels in search of dinosaurs ( more of them later ) every club is complaining about the wages being asked for by players, there is an answer to that my friends …..dont pay it. Players are asking top dollar because they know that there are clubs out there paying top dollar for average, journeyman players. If we take a stand then it doesn’t happen.

Now, next we have our friends the dark side ……….the referee’s, that word sends a shiver down my spine whenever I say it, write it, scrawl it on a wall (no point in that we know they are all blind). I am going to introduce a word that they all seem to find difficult to understand…..CONSISTENCY. The rules come down that tell us we cant do this that and the other in a friendly, I don’t care if you only have two subs and a skeleton on the bench you cant use rolling subs, you get my drift. Now I know that they try not to caution players and show red cards, well some do but when a player commits a blatant red card offence, do something about it ! for crying out loud because it will only get worse as the players look for retribution.

Finally, my hunt for dinosaurs continues, and my first discovery was in a West Region side, who because his side had player sent off the referee was a homer………even though he sent of two East region players as well, I can safely say that north of The Forth there is no such thing as a homer referee they are all related to the antichrist but in Edinburgh well there are all in cahoots with each other, definite homers lol
See you soon

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