Juni part 6

What has our resident fossil hunter been up to this week…


That’s it we are all up and running and my hunt for dinosaurs within the game is beginning to show signs of proving fruitful, if my first outing is anything to go by.

My first instance came from a female Protestasaurus, the incident saw a striker collapse in the box obviously with wobbly leg syndrome, cue vehement protestations from the said animal regarding him being tripped by a defender, mmmmm do Specsavers do glasses for Prehistoric users ?

Has anybody been on the internet forums recently, this is the usual habitat of the Junior Dinosaur and it gives a great opportunity to see them in their natural habitat. This week they appear to be feasting on the carcass that is Linlithgow Rose, following the departure of a member of their committee. The way the club has been ripped to pieces is the normal behaviour of the WestLothianasaurus that seems to be in a profligacy around the Linlithgow and Bo’ness areas and tends to come out of hiding when either of the two big clubs have problems.

This evening sees my side in a tough encounter that will be testy right from the start and for a dinosaur hunter like myself it is like a kid in a sweet shop, you know what I mean, they have the overwhelming feeling that they are by far superior and there are a lot of them all in one place. Many species can be found in this environment, Smugasaurus, Tosspotasaurus Rex but mostly the Areyouhavingalaughatops, the latter tend to congregate in groups in a stand in order to make their call sound louder, I am sure you have seen these before.

This weekend I will be pleased to welcome my good friend Terrydactyl along to our game, unfortunately he is inflicted with WestLothianasaurus tendencies but is getting treatment, I will let you know how it is getting on.

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