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This week we caught up with Haws fan Jake Feechan

When did you first start watching your club?

I started watching The Haws a few years after I had actually moved to Hill Of Beath I was around 7-8 at the time maybe younger I used to go to most Home games as I would hear the game from my house which then led to me going down with a few of my mates “the free second half” used to be when we would usually enter to watch The Haws.

Why did you start supporting the club?

Even though I went to a lot of the games I started supporting the club fully when one night we caught up with Jock Finlayson when he was leaving the local training ground and he had asked me and my mates if we were interested in doing a Ball Boy job for the club. Ever since that night I have grew a huge passion for the club and can only count a few games that I have missed since that night!.

What’s the greatest game you have been too?

There’s been a a lot of “great games” but I am going to have to go for the East Of Scotland Cup final 2015 even though it finished 0-0 which we later won on pens for the club to win a major trophy such as that is amazing!, I’d love to say the famous 1990 Scottish Junior Cup Final where we beat Lesmahagow 1-0 to win the holy grail but I sadly wasn’t alive to witness it.

Best moment as a fan?

My best moment as a Haws fan so far was again winning the East Of Scotland Cup last season although there’s nothing better than beating local rivals Kelty Hearts which are obviously going through a lot of success at the moment as they won the Superleague last season.

Worst moment as a fan?

Worst moment as a Haws fan so far has to be losing a last minute goal to Kelty Hearts last season, might be unexpected but a last minute goal is my nightmare and with your local rivals scoring it it adds more pain to it.

Best away trip and why?

Without a doubt Kello Rovers away in the Scottish Cup a few years back, I always love a long bus trips, on the way down to Kello we had our 1990 Cup Final DVD on the TV which was on the bus with us which obviously is good to watch.  We arrived in Kello a few hours before the kick off which was 2 30 it was a nice little ground I have to say though the surface could have been better but we still managed to pull a 7-0 win if I can remember correctly. After the game we all went up to the local pub where they were setting up after match hospitality then set off back to Fife, we did have another lengthy trip the round after where we lost 1-0 at Dyce.

Favourite Junior ground?

Has to be Prestonfield, Linlithgow. I don’t really need to explain why as you would know why if you have been there before, it has a great seating stand which you have to pay to enter apart from that there’s also a great snack bar and the surface is always top class, we usually do well down there aswell which makes it better of course.

Favourite all time player and why?

I’m going to assume this is Favourite Haws player of all time, think it would be a cross between David Westwood who was an Amazing shot stopper and was of course part of that 1990 cup winning side and a player that’s very much more my time Darrin Wright who has been with The Haws since 2000 I believe and that’s as nearly as long as I’ve been alive although I like them all of course!!.

Best food in the juniors?

My mates tell me Dyce but I wasn’t at the game so I’m going to go for Hill Of Beath”s Burgers.

Are you in favour of the pyramid system?

Haven’t heard very much about it.

Are you in favour of a combined East/West super league?

Half and half I can see why people would be in favour of it as it would obviously add more excitement and maybe perhaps class to the Junior game but I can see why people and even clubs wouldn’t want it with travelling costs etc but if I had to make a choice id keep the East n West Superleagues separate.

What about Junior clubs in the Scottish Cup?

Im very much with that I believe if lowland and highland league teams are getting a chance to prove themselves in it then Juniors should be given the chance aswell which they are. I believe they have even taken it as far as Amateur clubs this year which in my opinion is the right decision and a great idea!.

Any rule changes you would like to see?

Not that I can think of no.

Since you started watching football what has changed?

To be honest not much has changed in my eyes.

The best goal you have ever seen?

There’s another mix up between a Darrin Wright free-kick against Sauchie at home a few years back where from around 30-40 maybe more yards it slammed the bottom side of the crossbar bouncing over the line and coming back out and a goalkeeper goal at Tayport 2 seasons ago when the Tayport keeper booted the ball up the field which bounced over Haws keeper Stuart Hall’s head I never thought I would see it happen.

How strange is it not having Jock Finlayson in the dugout?

Very strange although he still comes to games but yeah obviously its going to be strange he was the only manager in the clubs history he had a reign that lasted 40 years. People say that Dick Campbell at Forfar and Sir Alex at Manchester United are the longest well they are wrong especially with his record of silverware, he won every major trophy apart from the superleague which he came runners up in twice its a record that will never be broken he will always be a Hero and a Legend for Hill Of Beath Hawthorn JFC

How do you think the club will do this season?

We”ve had a slow start but have been unlucky at the same time as we lost a 2 goal lead at Bo”ness to lose 4-3 at fulltime but with a new management team and a few new faces in the squad it’ll take time to work. We also want to defend the East of Scotland cup where we were given Broxburn in round 1 which was always going to be a hard tie and in other domestic competitions like the Fife and Lothians we have drawn Fauldhouse United away, another superleague clash and also last but not least the Scottish Junior Cup we have a long trip up to Buckie Rovers

Who do you really look forward to playing and why?

Local rivals Kelty Hearts, always a good game and a lot of scary tackles involved if anyone thinks Linlithgow v Bo’ness might be bad I suggest you come watch a Hill o Beath n Kelty game

Grass pitches or artificial and why?

Grass as some players don’t like playing on Artificial pitches

What do you enjoy most about Junior football?

Evreything, don’t think I could live without it

What would further enhance the junior experience?

More fans definitely, if somehow smaller clubs could attract bigger crowds its always going to be a boost to the junior game

Funniest thing you have seen at a football match?

Been a few hard to pick.

If you could make improvements at the ground what would they be?

The surroundings as I think you”ll struggle to find a better playing surface than Keirs Park there are current plans to build an extension onto the back on the small building where the dressing room are located

Where would you like the club to be in ten years time?

Hopefully challenging for silverware of course

Your best eleven of all time?
Hard but-

David Westwood

Martyn Thompson

John Mitchell

Brian Kenny

Darrin Wright

Stuart Haddow (Great during his time with us)

Bobby Wilson

Craig Noble

Calum Adamson

Brian Ritchie

Stephen Bathgate (In his time another great player for us)



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