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This week we caught up with the Troon star




Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

Jimmy Kirkwood the ex Troon gaffer, I joined Troon after being injured for 20+ Months and fed up with football to be honest, on and off the park he has helped me massively and I`m very grateful

Your proudest moment as a footballer?

Winning play-off final v Airdrie when I was at Ayr Utd, we were more than just team-mates, we were friends off the pitch and still are to the day, thats what made it special

Biggest career disappointment?

Being sent off in my first final for Troon v Auchinleck, the boys lost 7-1 I believe, felt as if I had let them down

Best player you have played with?

Alan Trouten or Dale Moore

The best goal you have scored?

Against Largs recently I scored from 30 yards into top corner, that was best goal of my career

The most important goal you have scored?

Probably away to Yoker last year, I had fractured bone in my foot the midweek before but managed to get through game and scored free kick to put us 3-1 up I believe and on our way to promotion

Your main strength as a player?

I would say probably my reading of the game, certainly not the quickest but my reading off the game means that very rarely get caught out

What attribute would you improve?

I would like to be more commanding at centre half, feel sometimes I can be bit too nice

Toughest opponent & why?

David Gormley because I couldn’t get round his big Arse…. Seriously though, he was excellent at Auchinleck and always enjoyed our battles

Favourite ground?

Valefield Park, Kilbirnie

Least favourite ground?

Carluke Rovers

Any thoughts on the pyramid and Lowland League?

I think something had to happen, teams finishing regularly at bottom of 3rd division had to be punished, if teams show ambition and want to improve on and off the park then they should be rewarded

What’s your opinion on junior clubs in The Scottish Cup?

I think has been great development in recent years, I know that Senior clubs look down on players/managers in the junior ranks (I was guilty of it myself) …. good to see junior teams testing their senior counterparts

Would you like to see an East/West Super League?

Yes, or even end of season trophy between top 2 from each league instead of evening times cup? something of that sort.

Best manager you have had and why?

Cant pick between Jim McInally & Brian Reid, Jim was fantastic for me, I was young boy and had a lot of growing up to do, him and his assistant Martin Clark made me a better player and person

Do you see yourself in the dugout when you retire?

I will definitely be involved in football management, at what level and what position I’m not sure

Funniest thing you have seen on football field?

Scott Chaplain getting hit full on in the face with a ball was very funny, his big nose burst the ball.

What’s your normal pre-match meal?

Left over Indian food from the night before…. 🙂

Do you have any superstitions?

I say a prayer coming on and off the pitch

Any rule changes you would like to see?

I would love to see a rule introduced where teams are not allowed to bring on a Sub goalie if the goalkeeper gets sent off, I have been in goal myself due to this happening and loved it, I’m sure many other players would love the chance

What’s the main changes you have seen in football since you started playing?


Referee`s …. may surprise some people but I feel the relationship between Referee`s and players is improving and hopefully can continue to improve, more respect given and shown by both


The lack of discipline in younger players, lack of respect to senior players and lack of willingness to improve, I think too many are involved at first team level without having to earn the right to be there

Do the crowd influence you when playing?

I cant say they do, maybe when I was younger…. I think that online message boards etc are more of a problem now for younger players, should try and be avoided

Any advice for youngsters?

Listen and have the will to learn, particularly part time teams, you get 4 hours training a week, thats nowhere near enough and I dont mean go to gym outwith that, play as much football as you can

Lots of clubs using artificial pitches, your thoughts on them?

It`s not for me however for provincial clubs I understand why they have artifical surfaces, must generate some income

Are you any good at other sports?

Probably average at everything to be honest, definately not good at squash though as my father in law will tell you

Which four people dead or alive would you have at a dinner party?

Henrik Larsson – my hero growing up and still my hero, I think others only started to realise his greatness when he left Celtic for Barcelona then Manchester United

Paul Gascoigne – just think he is an incredible man, obviously with a few demons, Tam McManus told me how fantastic a guy he was when played alongside him at Boston, I would love to hear some of his stories

Michelle Keegan – the only woman on the planet who is a 11/10

and finally…

Leanne Gillies (Wife of David)  – I’ve heard her Steak Pie`s are excellent and I just enjoy being in her company

Do you play a musical instrument?

No, I can play few songs on the Piano but would love to learn more

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I once went for a night out with Alex Williams in Greenock on a Monday night and woke up in Ibiza on the Thursday

First record you bought?

Cant remember name of the album but was definitely by M-People

Favourite film and why?

Best of the Best – kickboxing film from many years ago. still shed a tear watching it

Top holiday destination?

My Wife and I went a cruise for our honeymoon which was great and led to us booking 2 weeks round the Meditteranean for next year, think I will struggle to go on holiday without it being a cruise now, they are magic

Worst item of clothing you own?

I once had a Green leather jacket…. coming home from training one day it got hung on a lampost in Kilmacolm, it was an absolute rascal.

And finally the best eleven players you have played with?

GK – Stephen Grindlay

RB – Martin Ure

LB – Kieran McAnespie

CB – Gavin Collins (C)

CB – Craig Pettigrew

CM – Ciaran Donnelly

CM – Scott Chaplain

RM – Ryan Borris

LM – Dale Moore

CF – Tam McManus

CF – David Gillies

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  1. Avatar Davie Gillies says:

    Great interview and great guy. Plus mrs Gillies does make a great steak pie.


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