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This week we spoke to Kilbirnie Ladeside fan David Murdoch


When did you first start watching your club?

Went to the 77 cup final but was only 4. The only thing I remember about the day is standing at Kilbirnie cross waiting on our bus & the procession of buses heading out the town

Why did you start supporting the club?

Mate gave me his season ticket in 1982 as he was playing most Saturday’s & a started then

What’s the greatest game you have been too?

Scottish cup v Perthshire we were down 4-1 with 10 minutes to go & we won 5-4

Best moment as a fan?

Winning the West cup for the 1st & so far only time beating Pollok 5-1

Worst moment as a fan?

87 cup final replay v Talbot

Best away trip and why?

Forres round about 89. It was the 1st real away trip & a great wee town & set up . Also the drink was flowing

Favourite Junior ground?

Auchinleck although Petershill’s old ground was a cracker

Favourite all time player and why?

Billy Muir favourite player growing up

Best food in the juniors?

Eating is cheating Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

Are you in favour of the pyramid system?

Not in its current form

Are you in favour of a combined East/West super league?

No. Wouldn’t fancy going up to Dundee or Fife on a midweek in May

What about Junior clubs in the Scottish Cup?

Yes. Should be more

Any rule changes you would like to see?

An English style pyramid system set up

Since you started watching football what has changed?


Facilities & pitches are far better these days


Don’t think the standard of player is as good. That’s not just in the juniors though Scottish football as a whole is poor now

The best goal you have ever seen?

Jamie Longworth at Bellsdale. Got beat 4-1 but was a peach

How are the club doing this season?

Best team we have had in a while. Solid defence & midfield but need a 25 goal a season man . Bring back Jamie Longworth

Who do you really look forward to playing and why?

Always enjoy playing Clydebank. Got to know a few of the lads & always a great day . Also they are one of the few teams who bring a support to the Vale

Grass pitches or artificial and why?

Grass all day long. 3G is ok for training & bounce matches but not for competitive football . Just not natural

What do you enjoy most about Junior football?

The friends I’ve made from other teams. You would never get that going to Ibrox or Parkhead every other week

What would further enhance the junior experience?

A fixture list & elected officials who want to enhance the product we have instead of keeping it in the dark ages

Funniest thing you have seen at a football match?

My friend Brian gettin skelped with the ball twice in the same match springs to mind. Both times by the same player Ladeside defender John Halpin

If you could make improvements at the ground what would they be?

Floodlights. A perimeter wall to stop freeloaders standing outside watching in.

Where would you like the club to be in ten years time?

The best team in the juniors

Your best eleven of all time?

Keeper Tony Bryden

Rb. John Richardson

Lb Kenny Lynn

Sweeper Alan Rennie

Centre half Barclay Feeney

Right mid John Mcglauclin

Centre mid Davy Anderson

Centre mid Dougie Fontana

Left mid Billy Muir

Striker Jamie Longworth

Striker Denis Donnelly

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