Paul Murphy

This week we caught up with Cumnock star Paul Murphy


Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

Biggest influence is my grandad, can always remember playing football with him from a young age.

Your proudest moment as a footballer?

Winning player of the year in my 1st senior season with Stenhousemuir, I think I was 18

Biggest career disappointment?

Not winning the league with Stenhousemuir when we were 9 points clear with about 6 games to go

Best player you have played with?

Played with a lot of good players, my top 3 would be Jay Rodriguez, Aidan McGeady and John Paul McBride

The best goal you have scored?

Scoring against Berwick when I played for Stranraer maybe started with the ball from half way line, don’t ask me how I done that lol

The most important goal you have scored?

Another goal against Berwick when we were fighting for league when I was at Stenny we won 1-0

Your main strength as a player?

Good at reading the game

What attribute would you improve?

My speed I would say, never the quickest

Do you model your playing style on anyone?

No wouldn’t say I have ever modelled myself on anyone

Toughest opponent & why?

Grant Holt gave me a football lesson but I have seen him doing that with premiership defenders

Favourite ground & why?

Hampden, always good playing in your national stadium

Least favourite ground & why?

Clifftonhill was one of my least favorites, surface wasn’t the best and toilets used to leak into showers

Any thoughts on the pyramid and Lowland League?

If it improves the standard in Scottish football, I can only see it as a good thing

What’s your opinion on junior clubs in The Scottish Cup?

I think it gives the early stages more excitement and the game I played in with Bo’ness against Elgin was two great games to play in.

Best manager you have had and why?

Alan Moore when I played for him at Stirling Albion was great, he was one of the boys and you always wanted to do well for him.

What’s your thoughts on artificial surfaces?

The top of the range stuff is good to play on but you can’t beat the real stuff, when it’s well maintained

How are you finding the move to Cumnock so far?

Was struggling at the start with some poor results but we are doing well now and the players,coaches and fans have been great with me

Having played in both the East/West is there any real differences?

Wouldn’t say there is much if any difference from East and West teams

Funniest thing you have seen on football field?

Good friend of mine Tam Sinclair was coming on as a sub for Stenny at Hampden when he came running down the stairs without his top on lol

Whats your normal pre-match meal?

Don’t really have a specific pre match meal

Do you have any superstitions?

No don’t have any superstitions

Any rule changes you would like to see?

Would like to see people that dive get punished more than they do

Do the crowd influence you when playing?

No the crowd never influence me as I try and concentrate on the game as much as I can

Are you planning in staying in the game when you hang up the boots?

Doing my coaching badges soon so hopefully get a coaching job somewhere

Whats your aims for this season?

Main aim is to win the league and hopefully a cup too

Anyone in particular you’re looking forward to playing?

Every game on the run into the end of the season will be as important as the next so not really thought about who I would like to play against

Are you any good at other sports?

Quite good at snooker,pool and table tennis

Which four famous people dead or alive would you have at a dinner party?

Keith Lemon, George Best,Roy Keane and Denzil Washington…what a dinner party that would be

Do you play a musical instrument?

No but would like to learn to play the guitar and think I am a singer after a few beers

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

My boy Kaden was at a party at Hampden recently and found a picture of me in the hall of fame

First record you bought?

Going to get pelters for this but Jimmy Nail crocodile shoes hahaha

Favourite film and why?

Braveheart, quality film

Top holiday destination?


If you could have a superpower what would it be?

To fly

Worst item of clothing you own?

A horrendous denim shirt with a tartan collar,I think Andy Scott was rubbing off on me with that one

And finally the best eleven players you have played with?

David Marshall, Gary Irvine, Andy Graham, Keith Knox, Joe McAlpine, Aidan McGeady, J.P McBride, Chris Aike,n David Templetonm Paul McGrillen and Jay Rodriguez.



Thank you to Alison Scott for the photographs

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