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We caught up with Whitletts fan Mark Porter for this fan interview.  If you would like to do one for your club give us as shout at


When did you first start watching your club?

I first watched Whitletts about 15 years ago, when a couple of mates played for them, but only for about half a season.  Started following them full time about 5 seasons ago!

Why did you start supporting the club?

My dad started going to games with my uncle Joke, because my cousin played for us at the time. My dad got me to come along for a 5th round Scottish Cup tie versus Linlithgow at home, after which I was hooked straight away.

What’s the greatest game you have been too?

Away to Benburb in the Scottish Cup 3rd round 2 seasons ago. Up 2-0 and cruising, only for Benburb to score 2, then we were hanging on and would have been happy to take a draw, only for Wee Tony Balfour to pop up with a goal in the dying seconds.

Best moment as a fan?

There was a few moments in the above season on our run to the qf of the Scottish, but that moment when that goal went in at Benburb will be hard to beat.

Worst moment as a fan?

Losing our old ground Voluntary Park, at Ayr Dog Track was hard to take. It was an auld ramshackle of a place, but teams hated playing there, and we used it to our advantage.

Best away trip and why?

Away to Banchory, in that Scottish run. Great laugh on the way up, cracking 6-1 win, brilliant hospitality, then far too much swally on the way home.

Favourite Junior ground?

For some reason, I’ve always liked going to Irvine Vics. Probably, to do with the fact, when we lost our ground, they took us in and looked after us for the last 5 games of that season.  Facilities wise, it’s got to be Auchinleck Talbot.

Favourite all time player and why?

Tony Balfour!! The wee man came in about 3 seasons ago, and has scored the guts of a 100 goals.

Best food in the juniors?

Not really one for eating at the fitba, much prefer a cauld can of Tennents!

Are you in favour of the pyramid system?

Yes, but not the way it’s set up at the moment!

Are you in favour of a combined East/West super league?

No, the reason I enjoy the Juniors is, i can go to away games and still be back in the house for teatime. It would also make it even harder for a club like ours, to get to play your Talbots etc on a regular basis.

What about Junior clubs in the Scottish Cup?

I’d love it if all Junior clubs got the chance to play in it!

Any rule changes you would like to see?

Id like to see the end of re-instatement. For clubs to be missing out on promotion and winning titles because of a silly money making scheme isn’t right.

Since you started watching football what has changed?


Facilities seem to be more of a priority for most teams now, which is definitely a positive.


The quality of refereeing has declined every season, since I started following the Juniors.

The best goal you have ever seen?

Martin Reynolds scored a 35 yard screamer, in off the bar down at Kello last season. Only goal I think he got for us.

How are the club doing this season?

Not been good enough. Promotion is already out our reach, and we’ve only just hit December. Our manager has recently resigned, so we’re on the lookout for a new manager.

Who do you really look forward to playing and why?

Always enjoy going up to Annbank, as they are our closest rivals.

Grass pitches or artificial and why?

Grass all day long for me, but I do know the reason clubs go for artificial.

What do you enjoy most about Junior football?

The fact I can go to a game, pay in, get a program, have a few beers, all for a £10. Also enjoy the banter you can have with other clubs fans. Made a few pals from other teams, that otherwise I wouldn’t have met.

What would further enhance the junior experience?

All clubs having floodlights, so there wouldn’t be the same rush at the end of the season to get games played

Funniest thing you have seen at a football match?

One of our players (Stevie Kerr) turned up at an important Scottish Cup tie dressed as Batman as it was played on Hallowe’en. The manager at the time (Jim Geddes) had told all the players to be suited and booted because it was an important game. Funniest part was, that somebody had told Jim what Kerr’s plan was, so when he walked in dressed as Batman, Jim went mental and stormed out, only to come storming back in another door dressed as Robin.

If you could make improvements at the ground what would they be?

As we play at an athletics stadium, the stand seems miles away from the park, so anything to improve the atmosphere would be good.

Where would you like the club to be in ten years time?

An established Super League club.

Your best eleven of all time?

Gk- Stevie Douglas
Rb- Graham Longair (c)
Cb- Raymond Buchanan
Cb- Lee Holland
Lb- Martin Lawrie
Mid-Steven Kerr
Mid- Marc Cameron
Mid-Rikki Hanvey
For- Tony Balfour
For- Neil McGinn
For- Mick O’Conner

Subs- Jim Wilson, Martin Reynolds, Martin King, Craig Main,

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