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This month we caught up with Bo’ness United defender Stuart Hunter



1 Stuart Hunter

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

My dad as he has been there throughout from my whole career from Boys Brigade until this day, driving me all around the country to play in games and attend training when I was younger which only when you become a parent yourself do you realise the commitment and the cost that involves. He still travels home and away to support me and the team I am playing with.

Your proudest moment as a footballer?

Winning the Super league with Bo ness.

Biggest career disappointment?

Being injured for the Scottish Cup Final for Bathgate in 2008.

Best player you have played with?

Stevie Menmuir who played alongside at Camelon and Bathgate, in my opinion one of the best Junior defenders I have seen.

The best goal you have scored?

Any against Linlithgow to be honest.

The most important goal you have scored?

Equaliser against Bonnyrigg a couple of seasons ago to keep us in the Scottish Cup

Your main strength as a player?

Aerial ability.

What attribute would you improve?

My snooker cushion of a first touch.

Do you model your playing style on anyone?

No not really, but I believe a defender is there to defend, I have known lots of defenders over the years who are good passers but can’t win a header or a tackle.

Toughest opponent & why?

Would have to say Brian Carrigan as when he was on song at Linlithgow he was pretty much unplayable.

Favourite ground?

Petershill’s old ground as it represented everything good about Junior football i.e. Atmosphere/big shed full of supporters shouting abuse, their new ground is soulless. Modern day is Newtown and it will be a shame from a footballing point of view to see it turn into AstroTurf.

Least favourite ground?

Broxburn purely because it has no atmosphere and I hate 3G.

Any thoughts on the pyramid and Lowland League?

I think the pyramid system is good in theory and works well in England but what we have to remember is there are much more money and supporters down there so rewards for clubs progressing up through the leagues are substantial, the same cannot be said for Scottish Teams and I feel a lot of clubs would actually lose revenue as a lot of Junior fans come to watch it because of A, the price to get in and B, it has a rawness about it that you don’t get in the seniors, saying that it’s nice to have dream of making it to the top.
I don’t really have an opinion on the Lowland league to be honest but I feel the Juniors has a very good product but needs some fundamental changes throughout its make-up starting with the name and quickly followed by some decent organisation around fixtures etc. This has to come from the top, it needs work done to it but the people in power seem reluctant to roll up their sleeves and engage with the clubs to implement much needed changes. I fear it will be left behind if something is not done to bring it into the 21st century.

What’s your opinion on junior clubs in The Scottish Cup?

Bo’ness v Elgin twice, Lithgy v Raith and the Talbot v Hearts of course it’s a good thing these 3 games alone drew more publicity on the day than any other games outside the Old Firm.

Best manager you have had and why?

Eric Sinclair as he was my first junior manager and I learned a lot from him, usually what I was doing wrong but a lot none the same. He was great with the players and certainly never missed and hit the wall if someone needed telling which although I am not a fan of people balling and shouting for affect it is required and if people are not pulling their weight then tell them. Eric was also a very shrewd negotiator, I remember sitting in his living room and he offered me £400 to sign again with Camelon, I turned it down and asked for £800. Eric then went through every game and every goal which I was to blame for, long story short I walked out of his house an hour later with £300 and happy to still have a contract.

What’s your thoughts on artificial surfaces?

Don’t like them and I think we will see a massive increase in knee injuries in the next 10 years when all the young players of today hit the 30’s. Fine for training on during the winter but as for a game it has to be grass.
Funniest thing you have seen on football field?
My good mate Graeme McLaren sprinting off the field at Linlithgow needing the loo urgently, his new g/f (now wife) was in the stand to watch him for the first time. Highly embarrassing but the lads had a good laugh.

Do you see yourself staying in the game?

If I do I would want to stay involved with Bo’ness as the past 5 years here have been my most enjoyable as a player.

What’s your normal pre-match meal?

Spaghetti on toast

Do you have any superstitions?

Not really, small things pre-match but wouldn’t say superstitions.

Any rule changes you would like to see?

The “he was heading away from goal” rule, I have yet to see a striker take it past a goalkeeper without having to hit it away from goal unless he nutmegs him.

What’s the main changes you have seen in football since you started playing?


The quality of Junior parks has increased significantly.


Apart from me getting slightly slower across the turf, I would say the introduction of more 4G parks and diminishing number of Social Clubs, these used to be an integral part of Junior Football but given the current climate they are struggling to survive outside match days.

Do the crowd influence you when playing?

Not anymore, but I used to rise to the bait regular when I was younger

Any advice for youngsters?

If you are any good, go down south to lower league or abroad as you will increase your chances of playing at higher level, seen many players start at Celtic at 18 and are Junior by 24.

Are you any good at other sports?

Pretty decent bowler.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

Invisibility obviously and the reason is surely obvious as well.

Which four famous people dead or alive would you have at a dinner party?

Paolo Maldini (Favourite all time player)
Billy Connolly
Jessica Rabbit
Eva Mendes (Cue Invisibility)

Do you play a musical instrument?


Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I once ate 6 rolls and sausage and 2 rolls on fried egg in one sitting

First record you bought?

Ant and Dec let’s get ready rumble, awesome tunage.

Favourite film and why?

Weekend at Bernie’s

Top holiday destination?

Perth, Australia

Worst item of clothing you own?

Pair of brown shoes with a buckle on them, horrid things.

Who from the club would you have in your quiz team?

Ross Campbell/Nicky Walker as the rest are pretty thick.

Most “amusing” in the dressing room?

Apart from Neilly it has to be Nimmo, he is a hundred miles an hour constantly.

And finally the best eleven players you have played with?

GK – Andy Carlin
RB – Willie Wilson
LB – Stewart Devine
CB – Roger Duffin
CB – Stevie Menmuir
LM – Dougie Donnelly
RM – Nicky Walker
CM – Scott Pittman
CM – Ian Nimmo
FW – Paul McGrillen
FW – Chris McFadyen


Stuart Hunter

Stuart Hunter Newburgh

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