Fanzone number 18 (Bonnyrigg Rose)

This edition we caught up with Bonnyrigg Rose fan Bill Taylor


When did you first start watching your club?

At 12 years of age when I went up to Bonnyrigg Secondary School and started playing for the school team.One of the families in our street had sons playing junior football and another family member looked after the kit – the woman of the house – washed it every week. That family was the Watsons.

Why did you start supporting the club?

We had two clubs in Bonnyrigg. The under 21,s (the Rose”A”) and the big Rose both played at New Dundas Park on alternative weeks, but they moved away and we were left with the big team. All Bonnyrigg schoolboys who played for the school wanted to play for the under21,s and then the big Rose.

What’s the greatest game you have been too?

The 1978 Scottish Junior Cup final at Hampden.

Best moment as a fan?

Liam McKennas goal at Carnoustie in 2012 that made us Super League Champions for the second time.

Worst moment as a fan?

Coming back from holidays on Skye in 2008 and being told that the old clubhouse had been burned down by vandals the night before. My first thoughts were on what club history had been lost forever.

Best away trip and why?

Quarter final of the Scottish junior cup at Irvine Meadow, who were the favourites that year along with Auchinleck and we beat them easily. (2-0).

Favourite Junior ground?

Penicuik Athletic, because it is the friendliest in the Super League.

Favourite all time player and why?

One of the nicest, most sincere players that ever pulled on the red and white hoops. Ali Reid and I think an equal first would be Archie Young, another true Bonnyrigg favourite.

Are you in favour of the pyramid system?

Not really, but can see its merits but there would to be a very big financial incentive to entice junior community based clubs.

Are you in favour of a combined East/West super league?

Never heard such a ridiculous suggestion, which again a ploy for the pyramid system from above. The costs in transport alone would floor most reasonable junior clubs…and the fans. A novelty the first season but after that I don’t think so. Currently because of costs some clubs are hankering back to the old District Leagues because of travel costs.

What about Junior clubs in the Scottish Cup?

Have long held the view that only Fully Affiliated clubs to the SFA should be allowed to participate in this competition. If you want to participate then have a ground and facilities that comply.

Any rule changes you would like to see?

Yes. Automatic penalty after one warning for the current penalty box shenanigans.

Since you started watching football what has changed?


Many things. Crowds have been harder to maintain because of social habits. There is not the local community connection that there used to be, again because of social habits.The wages too players, now creating an elite set of clubs and causing good community clubs to disappear, which I believe will get worse in the coming seasons.


The formation of Community Age Group umbrella clubs and Womens football.

The best goal you have ever seen?

Two memorable goals. Liam McKenna’s that won our second Super League title and Dave Mcqueens goal to win the Scottish Junior Cup in 1978.

How are the club doing this season?

New Manager. New Team……very well.

Who do you really look forward to playing and why?

Bo’ness United because my mother was born there and always supported them although she moved South of the border in the 50s – I stayed in Bonnyrigg and supported the Rose. It gives me great pleasure to beat them after all the stick I took when she was alive about their halcyon days when her cousin played for them in the 40’s & 50’s.

Grass pitches or artificial and why?

Grass always – the natural football surface. Artificial pitches are just potential community money makers for local authorities but they have to be meticulasly maintained and that doesn’t happen in many cases. Grass and good drainage go together and clubs are finding – again – that this is an expense that has to be planned for annually. Many can’t afford it and succumb for the easy option.

What do you enjoy most about Junior football?

The banter on match day. The feeling of community and belonging to a local asset. Visiting other clubs with similar attitudes about their club and meeting with the women who play an even bigger role now in junior clubs..even if it is just at the pie shop.

What would further enhance the junior experience?

Occasionally having a bit of halftime entertainment and a bit more covered standing area.

Funniest thing you have seen at a football match?

A collie dog loose on the pitch and nobody could get the ball from it to continue the game.

If you could make improvements at the ground what would they be?

I think that the club would like to demolish and rebuild its changing facilities and hospitality suite which is past their sell by date for a top club, but its getting the capital….

Where would you like the club to be in ten years time?

Still in the Super League or a real District league with promotion and relegation.

Your best eleven of all time?

The 1972 Scottish junior cup final team.


Thank you to Bonnyrigg Rose FC for their continual support of this site.


One Response to “Fanzone number 18 (Bonnyrigg Rose)”

  1. Avatar jim miller says:

    seen most of them bill, but 1966 cup final, [ not the 1 at wembley] was drama at its best before during and after,,

    as a 13 year old coming back into the town the crowds were unbelievable..estimated 4000, from a town of 900+ souls,

    made front page news in the Thursday national daily the one that was in the evening news just a few years ago..ironically beating Whitburn, was probably least exciting,part of the journey because of the result.

    check the library Bill if we still have one lol, worth researching pal.


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