Ross Archibald Interview

Brendan Parkinson caught up with Bonnyrigg Rose star Ross Archibald.


Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

It would have to be my parents. The amount of running around they have done over the years dropping me off at training and games deserves a medal in itself. My dad has rarely missed a game over the years.

Your proudest moment as a footballer?

Probably my final season at Spartans. To be captain of a side that won every trophy possible whilst winning the club Players Player Of The Year award and also the league Player of the Year and being Top Goalscorer all in the same season will stick with me.

Biggest career disappointment?

Our team performance against Pollok this year in the Scottish Cup. Pollok were deserved winners on the day but we are much better than we showed that day. With this being my last season it’s the only real major non-league trophy I’ve yet to win so I was and still am gutted about it.

Best player you have played with?

That’s a tough question, I’ve played in some pretty successful sides over the years but Willie Bennett from my time at Whitehill Welfare and Spartans would be hard to beat.

The best goal you have scored?

I don’t tend to score very good goals they are usually back post tap ins or front post headers from corners. I did score a cracker at Under 16’s once…..

The most important goal you have scored?

All goals are important but you can’t beat a winner, so any winner would do.

Your main strength as a player?

Max Christie did call me a ‘try hard’ player but I would say my versatility without a doubt. I can play anywhere reasonably well and I’m also good for a few goals from anywhere on the park.

What attribute would you improve?

I’m not the most skilful player in the world so I’d like to have a few more tricks up my sleeve.

Do you model your playing style on anyone?

Yeah Lionel Messi but it turns out I’m just messy.

Toughest opponent & why?

I always hated playing against Wayne MacIntosh he was just nippy and never left you alone for 90 mins. I’m glad we have him in our team now especially with the season he has had.

Favourite ground?

Tynecastle, being a Hearts fan I loved having the chance to play there.

Least favourite ground?

Lochee by a mile. That hill in the far corner tripped me up more times than I care to remember. I was delighted when they got relegated. Nothing against the club just hated that hill.

Any thoughts on the pyramid and Lowland League?

I like it and I hope Edinburgh City go up this year. The chance for clubs to progress up the ladder if they have the correct facilities can only provide healthy competition.

What’s your opinion on junior clubs in The Scottish Cup?

Can only be a good thing for local football. You look at the run Linlithgow had this year and it was great to see.

Best manager you have had and why?

Would have to be Mickey Lawson given that I played for him the longest and we had such a lot of success together. However, I do think Robbie Horn will go on to be a top manager and Bonnyrigg are in good hands.

What’s your thoughts on artificial surfaces?

I’m just not having them.

Do you see yourself staying in the game?

Not a chance, I’ve been saying for years now that I’m going to retire but I have no desire or aspirations to coach/manage.

What’s your normal pre-match meal?

On a Saturday it’s two bacon rolls and a cup of tea which has never really changed over the years. Midweek I’ll take anything I can get my hands on.

Do you have any superstitions?

Nah not for me, I don’t like the thought of not being in control. I just don’t get this putting the left sock and boot on before the right nonsense and it’s supposed to help you win or play well……absolute sh**e.

Any rule changes you would like to see?

Not so much any changes. Don’t tell anyone I ever said this but referees have a difficult task and the easier we can make it for them, then I’m all for it.

What’s the main changes you have seen in football since you started playing?


Improved facilities for kids. Earlier I said I didn’t like artificial surfaces but I do acknowledge they serve a purpose for the next generation given the Scottish weather.


The choice of standard black boots has reduced significantly. I don’t mind a bit of colour but I especially don’t get these ones with the sock in them…..what’s all that about?

Do the crowd influence you when playing?

I love the abuse from the opposing fans it generally means you are doing something right. However, I’ve had a fair few “Archibald that’s sh**e” shouts over the years from my own fans usually my old man right enough. You try not to respond but sometimes it’s not so easy.

Any advice for youngsters?

Enjoy it while you can but FFS man up and just get on with it.

Are you any good at other sports?

I’m pretty good at most sports. I do like to do a bit road running and I’ll have a bash at a marathon when I retire.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

Everybody wants to fly surely….

Which four famous people dead or alive would you have at a dinner party?

Sir Alex Ferguson – He can tell some stories
George Best – He can get drinks in
Floyd Mayweather – He can throw some cash about
Cheryl Tweedy, Cole, Fernandez-Versini or whatever she like to be called these days – She can throw herself about

Do you play a musical instrument?


Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

Getting married this year and I can’t wait…….for the honeymoon

First record you bought?

Michael Jackson – Dangerous

Favourite film and why?

So many to choose from…..recently watched Dumb and Dumber for the first time in years and it’s a classic.

Top holiday destination?

Anywhere in the US. We are touring California in September for our honeymoon so really looking forward to that.

Worst item of clothing you own?

Most of my wardrobe the Mrs would tell you.

And finally the best eleven players you have played with?

This has actually been quite difficult. Two minutes after sending I’ll want to change it no doubt.

GK – Craig Gordon: goes without saying really although Allan McGregor a close second
RB – Al Horne: big Horney what a guy so laid back….absolutely horizontal
CB – Dean Hoskins: I had to get big Ben Watson in there, wand of a left foot
CB – Chris Townsley: the beer monster was different class
LB – Jonny Brown: if only he had decent ankles
Mid – Adam Nelson: need some creativity in there beside the others
Mid – Willie Bennett: took me under his wing as a youngster at Whitehill and what a wing to be under
Mid – Michael Gemmell: the most horrible, annoying, cheating, moaning b*stard I’ve played against but is in my team everyday of the week and real top lad
For – Omar Kader: wee Theo Walnut has turned into a right good player
For – Keith McLeod: guaranteed goals
For – Sean Grady: when the Ginger Hulk could be bothered he was brilliant

Def – Davie White: not afraid to mix it and I like that
Mid – Alex King: wee AK7 was real close to getting in. If only he had more self belief…. shame
For – Paul Shields: Class player. Rumour has it he has been spotted outside Brendan Parkinson’s House




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  1. Avatar Bill Taylor says:

    We will miss this lad next season……an inspirational Captain for us…enjoy California…its an exciting place….do come and see us some times.


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