Conan McDiarmid In The Hot Seat

This week’s Q&A has been kindly done by 31 year old Edinburgh United player/assistant manager Conan McDiarmid. The ball playing defender formerly played for Cowdenbeath, Penicuik Juniors, Whitehill Welfare, Musselburgh Athletic and Selkirk before recently joining Calum Elliot’s Edinburgh United.


Can you think back to your very first football memory? Hmm, a few but I remember going to Tynecastle when it still had standing areas.

What team do you support and why did you start watching them? Hearts and I blame my uncle Barry as he dragged me to the game.

Best match you’ve been to and best moment as a fan? I went to watch Real Madrid v Barcelona last season. What a game to see!

Worst moment as a fan? Definitely Hibs winning the Scottish cup 🙈

Favourite all time player and reasons why? David Beckham, the guy is just a legend, I loved his free kicks and long ball ability.

Which youth sides did you play for as a youngster? Falkirk, Dunfermline and Cowdenbeath.

How did you get into junior football and what are your thoughts on the experience so far? I played junior years ago with Penicuik on loan from Cowdenbeath and then 2 years ago with Musselburgh. Both are great clubs.

What has been your favourite ground to visit/play at and why? Played once at Hamden but it was empty so not that great, I love playing at Linlithgow’s ground, don’t know why just feels good.

Best player you’ve played alongside and against? Playing with, it has to be my old mate Derek Colquhoun so much ability and a bit of a head banger, against has to be Darren Fletcher.

Are you in favour of the league pyramid? Why? Yeah big fan, gives the chance for smaller teams to progress into the professional leagues like Edinburgh City did earlier this year.

Your thoughts on junior sides playing in the Scottish Cup? I think it’s great, shows that junior teams are not that far away from that level.

Are there any rule changes that you’d like to see introduced to the game? Jesus is every rule not covered !!

Traditional grass pitches or artificial surfaces? Why? Artificial for me unless the grass pitch is like a bowling green !! The reason being, with a flat pitch it’s all about passing etc…

Funniest thing that you’ve seen in a football match? When I was at Selkirk last season, a lad there Phil Addison caught out a keeper by sending the ball between his legs and just stood there, great skill and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Who has been the biggest influence on your football career? My dad and mum probably as they drove me everywhere when I was pro and now I see how much time it takes up etc..

Best manager or coach you’ve worked alongside? My good mate just now Calum Elliott, his training is different class and his professionalism is the best I have seen. Stevie McLeish at Newtongrange is also really good.

Your ambitions for the club and as an individual? Me and Calum are hoping Edinburgh Utd get promoted this year, in what is really our first season, Calum took job last year 1 week before season started.

Are you any good at any other sports? You name it I do it !! Haouta. Badminton is a good sport for me.

Proudest moment in football? Winning leagues with Penicuik and Whitehill Welfare.

What is your pre match routine and meal? I don’t really have a meal or routine, always do toilet before I go out, think I’m trying to feel lighter !!

Any interests outside of football? Got 2 young kids, so they take loads of my time and my wee man is looking good at football so here’s hoping.

What is the day job? Plumber.

Favourite all time movie and current favourite? Hmm really hard this, I like loads of films but love Law Abiding Citizen.

Do you read and if so what do you read? Only read when sitting at pool on holiday or something like that, and it’s ex-players autobiography’s.

What type of food do you enjoy eating? My diet is shocking, pizzas, Chinese, kebabs you name it !!

Any words of wisdom for youngsters getting into football? Yeah eat healthy, work hard and have a good attitude as most guys don’t make it because due to their attitude.



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