Newmains Captain Ross Carrigan Q&A


This week’s Q&A has been undertaken by Ross Carrigan, Captain and at Newmains United and former St. Roch’s and Vale of Clyde defender.

Ross Carrigan 2Can you think back to your very first football memory? First memory was when I was only young and was taken to watch Celtic v Dundee Utd at Parkhead! I just remember the size of the stadium and the fans were buzzing. Not much about the game mind you, but was taken in by the great atmosphere.

Best match you’ve been to and best moment as a fan? Always played and trained so tended to miss most of the good games! Best moment was when Celtic beat Barcelona, not going to have a moment like that again in a long time!

Worst moment as a fan? UEFA cup final when Porto beat Celtic, it was heart breaking! I had to watch it at my friend’s house with him and all his family being Rangers supporters making it ten times worse!

Favourite all time player and reasons why? Always loved Roy Keane, his demeanour, the way he got around the pitch and the way he would galvanise his team was unreal. Born winner with his heart and soul in every game.

Which youth sides did you play for as a youngster?  Started off with my local team West Park then went on to have spells with Hibs, Gretna, Alloa, East Stirlingshire, Rossvale as well as a Celtic Development team.

How did you get into junior football? I left 21’s and went along to the St Roch’s pre-season with my mate, done a couple of sessions and signed from there.

What has been your favourite ground to visit/play at and why? Although I’ve been on the end of some bad results, Kilbirnie is a favourite, the park is like a bowling green!

Best player you’ve played alongside and against? Alongside is Islam Feruz and against is Chrissy Craig, both a cut above everyone else!

Are you in favour of the league pyramid? Why? 100%, to give a club the opportunity to progress to a higher level of football is exactly what you’re wanting. The chance of moving up through the ranks into senior football is a no brainer for me.

Your thoughts on junior sides playing in the Scottish Cup?  Again same as above, the chance for junior teams to be in the hat against senior teams is fantastic.

Are there any rule changes that you’d like to see introduced to the game? The offside rule causes all sorts of confusion and the referee has to deem if the player is or isn’t interfering with play etc., I think there’s too many variations when it should just be clearly offside or not.

Traditional grass pitches or artificial surfaces? Why? Has to be traditional grass! Although there are a lot of benefits to artificial surfaces. I always feel as if I’ve come away with niggles every time I play on them!

Funniest thing that you’ve seen in a football match? One memory sticks out when I was at Vale of Clyde against Larkhall but it’s best left unsaid! Trust me!

Who has been the biggest influence on your football career? My old man has always been there since day one. He’s been the guy driving me nonstop when I was younger, here there and everywhere and having to listen to my moans and passing on his wisdom when needed! Without him I would have become disillusioned with football very fast.

Best manager or coach you’ve worked alongside?   Current gaffers (Kevin Muirhead) training and match prep is second to none. Although he’s only had a short time in charge of the boys everything is leaps and bounds ahead of where we were at the tail end of last season, really looking forward to seeing where he can take this club! My old manager Johnny Fallon at both St Roch’s and Newmains is a really good gaffer as well, proper man motivator who filled you as a player with belief in yourself!

Your ambitions for the club and as an individual? Hopefully take the club as high as we can, getting that stigma away from Newmains and then seeing where it goes from there! Personally I just want to enjoy my football, that’s the main thing for me! If that takes me to a higher level then so be it, but currently concentrating on Newmains and seeing what this current group of boys can do.

Are you any good at any other sports? Played rugby at school so I’m not the worst at that!

Proudest moment in football? Being capped a couple of times for the Scottish Independent Schools Team and playing against England down in Aldershot, very proud moment.

What is your pre match routine and meal? Always getting up as early as possible to get my bag ready, then like to chill out on the couch watching some TV. Every morning before football I have eggs and toast with a glass of milk.

Any interests outside football? I go to the gym near enough every night.

What’s the day job? Transactional Officer for The Wheatley Group.

Favourite all time movie and current favourite? Favourite all time movie is either Gladiator or Gangs of New York. Current favourite has to be the Dark Knight trilogy!

Do you read and if so what do you read? The most reading I get in is the newspaper at lunch time every day!

What type of food do you enjoy eating? Anything!  As long as it tastes nice, could eat for days!

Any words of wisdom for youngsters getting into football? Never give up, no matter how many times you get knocked down or knocked back at either a club or in a game, and continue to try and believe in yourself. Always be confident in your own ability and constantly push yourself to develop every aspect of your game.

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