Pubs, Pies & Programmes

By Don Burns

Before I start, I have no intention of scoring food out of ten. I will give my own opinions but that is all they are.

Saturday August 6 – Musselburgh

Olivebank is a ground I always enjoy visiting. It has everything a fan needs in the Juniors. A nearby pub, decent food, tight pitch and a wee enclosure if it rains.

Saturday’s season opening visit seemed to be going to plan as I was in the first of two buses heading through from Bo’ness. The Ship Inn was in sight and I was already licking my lips when, unfortunately, the driver decided to go past the pub and turn right to stop outside the ground. Those in bus number two wasted no time in forcing their driver to stop right outside the pub and were already piling in when our doors were opened.

That was that then, I decided to forego the delights of queueing up and headed straight in. My early entry meant I avoided what will be a common theme in the East this season and that is lack of change. Entry is now up to £6 and so where previously giving a fiver was easy, now that extra £1 will lead to more tenners being presented.

A young lass, Amy Lou (going by the name on the back of her shirt), sells the raffles and was giving out a free newsletter. Produced monthly, this A5 four-pager gives enough info for home fans and is better than nothing at all on the programme front.

The ground always appeared nice and compact but this has been affected somewhat by the back wall on the dugout side being demolished, supposedly for safety reasons. Rumours could not be confirmed that Mussy were planning on building a new stand!

On to my favourite subject, food. My lack of earlier liquid refreshment heightened my appetite so I ordered up a pie, stovies and a cup of tea. The pies are home-made with no grease and plenty mince. However it was a little on the dry side but my tea made up for that..
Stovies are hard to judge as there are many recipes and different meat used. This offering was a little sloppy, containing cut pieces of link sausage through it. I enjoyed it well enough but do remember to keep the tray level to avoid spillage. That little meal only cost me £4, so great value. If only the game………..

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