Kirk Forbes Interview

The latest player to answer some questions for the website is Rossvale’s central midfielder and former Stedfast Amateurs, Colville Park and Scottish Amateur International Kirk Forbes.


Can you think back to your first football memory? My Grandpa used to take me to this old garage car park every day, the minute I could kick a ball. There was a big massive wall and he would teach me to practice off it with both feet. He was old school and always held the opinion that my left foot shouldn’t be for standing on.

Favourite all time player and reasons why? From an early age I always remember the Barcelona side with Koeman, Guardiolda and Romario, but I loved Hristo Stoichkov as he was my kind of player and then it was Gazza for me as he was a world class player and with Rangers he was different class. Modern day it would have to be Frank Lampard and again he’s my type of player. He has done it all at the top level for over a decade consistently and all those players wore the number 8 which was my late fathers number. He was at Partick Thistle and then latterly moved to Canada with work and played for Vancouver Whitecaps before they went pro hence why I like to wear 8.

Which youth sides did you play for as a youngster? I spent some time at Stenhousemuir as my uncle played there and I trained with Partick Thistle when I was 16/17 through playing with the Scottish Schools side but nothing came of it so I then went to Milngavie Wanderers before going into amateur level at 19.

How did you get into junior football and what have you made of the experience so far? I am afraid Dom McInally gets the blame for this one! I worked in the same office with him whilst I was at Colville Park and then Stedfast and to say that he would bite my ear is putting it lightly. I came back from a hamstring injury and needed some extra training. We kept in touch after we both moved on from the work place and he said coming up to Rossvale would help with the extra fitness and wouldn’t be a problem.

I had various discussions with the then Management team and agreed to sign until the end of the season, Brian McGinty then came in after a well-documented few weeks and after some talks and a few friendlies he honoured the deal for me to sign after clearance from my then club. I have really enjoyed it so far as the club have a very professionalism and excellent set up that Gints has put in place. Every game is a real challenge physically, fitness and quality wise plus the biggest thing I have noticed is that all the teams can all beat each other especially in our league.

What has been your favourite ground to visit/play at and why? Pollok’s park at Newlandsfield is a cracker, have only played a couple of friendlies there but the park is immaculate. It’s a great set up and they have a good following even if it means getting some stick from their fans, but to be fair to them they do appreciate teams that try to play.

Best player you’ve played alongside and against? Tough one on both accounts that’s for sure. I think during my time at Colville Park there was an abundance of talented footballers there. Beanzy, Mick Kennedy and Bryan Dingwall all come to mind but I will go with Div McKay and Gary Tierney. Div the first season scored over 50 goals and won us games on his own. Gary played at the back and was outstanding, hardly missed a training session and was horrible to play against again that first season we were all there he was superb.

Stephen Murray and Malcolm Laverock all be it they were on the older side of 40 shall we say but still very good footballers, they both could have played at a higher level. Against then again I’m going for couple of old team mates, Beanzy (Alex Clearie) and Stephen McD, on their game they were a nightmare to play against, Beanzy never lost a header, he was very skilful and McD loved a tackle and never gave you a minute.

Your thoughts on junior sides playing in the Scottish Cup? It’s an excellent idea and you only have to look at Talbot playing Hearts a few years ago and the good publicity it gave the junior game and Scottish football, so long may it continue.

Are there any rule changes that you’d like to see introduced to the game? I would just like to see offside being offside as there is too many grey areas now, and with regards to junior football I would like to see linesman introduced to all the leagues.  However there’s obviously a massive cost effect with that but it would dramatically help the referees themselves and I am sure all managers/players would like to see it as well.

Traditional grass pitches or artificial surfaces? Why? A well-conditioned grass park is always the best like a said with Pollok, but Renfrew’s 4G park is also excellent. As long as both surfaces are the highest of standards that’s the main issue and I can happily play on both.

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Who has been the biggest influence on your football career? Definitely my grandpa. He installed the discipline, desire, commitment and attitude into me from an early age before all the coaching started. I still have all those things with me today and I think that as you get older you appreciate those skills, especially with the amount of good players that I see that don’t have those or even play at all in this country. It’s installed in you early on or you don’t have them at all, it’s the hardest thing a coach can install into a player and my grandpa was relentless with me on that.

Best manager or coach you’ve worked alongside? I couldn’t say anyone in particular as they have all had aspects that have I have appreciated even with the fall outs! Malky Laverock at Stedfast took on the mantle once my grandpa passed away and helped me progress as a footballer, and had good practice methods whilst letting me express myself. When I played he took the shackles off me and basically allowed me to go play and enjoy myself. I was his captain for the best part of 6 years and played under him for over 10 so he has had a massive effect on my career.

Gerry Hamilton at Colville Park and I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this but he was a raving crackpot when he got going but that’s only because he was so passionate about the game, his club and his players. He made you want to run through brick walls for him and he never let us away with anything, but Gerry is also one of the nicest guys you will meet and I always enjoy bumping into him for chat, all be it that I used to drive him nuts!

Gints at Rossvale has in the short space of time I’ve been at Rossvale been absolutely excellent with his man management. We had a few words toward the start of him being appointed at Rossvale, but since then we have got on really well and there’s a lot of respect on both sides there. He is always chatting to his players even away from the training park or on a Saturday trying to improve or help them and I think that’s a trait players appreciate. He is very honest and tells us exactly what he expects from us with his attention to detail and tactics but in a fair way and one where you want to do it. Aitchy and him are very big on standards and constantly relaying them to the players on how to improve which ultimately spreads throughout the squad.

Your ambitions for the club and as an individual? For any player and most clubs the ambition is to win things or at the very least to be challenging in all competitions. Myself and the club are no different but to do that you need a belief within the squad, a big team spirit and ultimately the quality of player to be at a high level of consistency for the length of the season. The league this year is extremely tough and there will be no easy games, I would imagine there are 6 or7 teams that will fancy themselves, maybe some more than others.

The management, players and club want promotion and that’s what we’re all here for so that’s our aim, but as I said it will take us all to be at our best and to get off to a good start come the 27th August. Nothing is guaranteed in football and you earn the right to win games and be successful with hard work at every session and every game. I can guarantee that the Gaffer, Aitchy and Phil will have us all well trained, well drilled and well prepared come match days. I think that if we can go about our business under the radar then that will help us as well. Individually all my previous managers and Gints will tell you that I want to play every minute of every game and that will never change.

I am horrible to be around when the demons kick in and the fact I am probably more determined than ever to play a massive part in the team this season as the years roll on, as I appreciate playing so much more. I always set myself targets for the season which I will keep to myself, but the main one would be to start every game and that will come with training well and producing the goods consistently on a Saturday.

Are you any good at any other sports? I do like a game of table tennis but it’s football, football and then football for me.

Proudest moment in football? Has to be representing my country at amateur level whilst I was with Stedfast Amateurs. I won league player of the year in the Central Scottish League and then the following season I was in the national squad for the training sessions and friendlies. Then into the full internationals for the two games against Republic Of Ireland and then Northern Ireland, were I probably scored my best goal to date with a last minute volley to make the game 1-1 . It was a great experience and I loved every minute of it and have some great mates from being involved in it. Winning the league undefeated and the treble at Colville Park is also up there with one of most enjoyable seasons bar the Scottish Cup Final defeat!

What is your pre match routine and meal? Usually have a long lie in on Saturday then check the teams that are going to burst my coupon while watching Sky Sports News. Coffee and waffles for me it is before heading to the ground nice and early, then chilling out before all the preparation starts and team talk.

Any interests outside of football? I like a night out or 20.

Day Time Job? Area Marketing Manager, also do some BBC studio freelance work and football coaching when time allows.

Favourite all time movie? Training Day, The Town, Drive, 25th Hour, Dark Knight.

Do you read and if so what do you read? Football Biography’s and 4-4-2.

What type of food do you enjoy eating? Have a burger.

Any words of wisdom for youngsters getting into football? If you have talent then make sure you play and don’t waste the talent, there’s too many that do.

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2 Responses to “Kirk Forbes Interview”

  1. Avatar Wazza Liberty says:

    Brilliant, as always Bro xoxo

  2. Avatar Dom McInally says:

    This was a very honest and heart felt article Martin. Kirk is very well versed on most football issues and has yet again came across perfectly for both himself and for both himself and of course rossvale fc. Many thanks for this article and taking the time to listen to one guy who likes to talk football, football, football.


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