Bonnyrigg’s Keiran McGachie Disappointed With Dumbarton Draw

With his large frame and physical style of play, Bonnyrigg front man Keiran McGachie gave the Dumbarton defence a hell of a time on Saturday afternoon. And local lad Keiran admitted his team mates were disappointed with the goal less draw against SPFL Championship side Dumbarton, after putting so much into the game and he said “A wee bit, aye.


Keiran in Scottish Cup Action Against Dumbarton

“A few of the boys are disappointed standing in there, which is ironic as we drew with a Championship side. “But I think the way that the game went, I think that’s why we’re disappointed. “We played so well and worked so hard, they were really just a threat from long balls or corners, they were quite dangerous but over the piece I honestly thought we deserved to take something if not a win definitely.”

The big forward admitted that he liked the physical challenge of the game, but none the less Bonnyrigg Rose were no long ball merchants “That’s sort of my game and obviously playing against Darren Barr, I need to raise my game. “Big Buchanan as well, I enjoy the physical element and I just try to pin them, hold them and I think the game today suited my style of play.

“Definitely one up top, the way we play I don’t think we lump it up forward, I think its constructive into my feet and we try to get runners off. “It’s not just hit and hope, and I’ll try and win flick on’s and we try and at least to be constructive in that with the three up top.”

And he added “We always do try and get the full backs wide and get the wingers wide and maybe leave space for myself or the centre mid’s. “I think sometimes there is that element when you do have to go long and we have willing runners obviously playing a Championship side, willing runners that are willing to crack on and just work really hard. “So we’re relishing the replay now, I think we’ve held our head high and whatever happens, happens.

Asked if he still had ambitions to play at a higher level, the New Dundas Park favourite said “I’m only twenty three and I feel with my performance today I might be thinking of a shop window, I’ve played against Darren Barr and Buchanan and I feel I held my own. “It’s more difficult when it’s just one up top, there’s one of you and two of them.

“So you never know, you really never know but I think due to the gaffer’s success and willingness, he allows me to play the way I like to play. “Maybe if I go to another side, they take a step up and tell me no, you played that way now you play this way and the level of freedom offered at the junior’s is credit to the gaffer.”

He then went onto praise the members of the local community that worked so hard to get the match underway ”At seven in the morning there was thirty volunteers here and yesterday afternoon at one, so I don’t know if folk took a half day. “The effort that went in to getting this game on was incredible, it’s a local town, so everybody knows everybody and it’s brilliant to have that community spirit definitely.”

The big man hadn’t quite finished his shift after the match, and went onto tell how he was spending his Saturday evening “I work in a leisure centre, so I’m a leisure supervisor. “The irony is actually have to go back just now to test the pools as there’s nobody on shift and I can’t get a pint yet. “So I have to go on shift as the only guy that could cover can’t actually cover my job correctly, so I need to go up about half past five to check the pools and that’s just the irony of junior football.”

Photo Courtesy of Bonnyrigg Rose Website


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