Liam Gormley On Mission Back To SPFL Football

Liam Gormley, Cambuslang Ranger’s new striker has made something of a name for himself since scoring five on his debut as a trialist for the Somervell Park side. That was in an 8-2 trouncing of Forth Wanderers. The following week he almost repeated the feat, but fell one goal short and scored just the four! We managed to grab a word with the ex-East Kilbride front man before he headed off too Tuesday night training.


Liam In Action Against Auchinleck Talbot

The start of the current season was a tough one for Liam, and he had to make some hard decisions about his career, he told me “I’d been there for about two years and played in my first season, then had some niggly injuries in my second year. “The side were doing very well and it was pretty hard to get back into the side. “Then the new manager came into the side with his own ideas, and wanted to bring in his own players. “So for myself it was just a matter of finding somewhere to get back into playing every week, start to enjoy it again and get my name back out there, which I think is starting to happen. “So it’s worked out well for me so far.”

And he added “I’ve made it clear to Paul, that getting back into senior football is where I’d like to be and it’s where I feel it should be. “Things just haven’t worked out over the past few years and it’s just a matter of playing every week now and showing it. “At the end of the day if I’m not doing well I don’t deserve the opportunity again, so if I can keep doing well and we keep picking up the points, I don’t see why a team wouldn’t take that chance on me. “I’ll take it game by game and keep improving and hopefully that chance will come again.”

Liam hadn’t had much experience of junior football before going to Ladeside after his time with Kilby, and after turning down chances to play in the juniors, felt the time was now right, when he said “I’ve played against a few junior teams and I think at my spell with Morton we played Largs Thistle and a few others in friendlies. “But every year since I left Celtic, I’ve had junior sides calling me and trying to get me to join. “At that time I felt it wasn’t something for me, everyone said stereotypically that junior sides just lump the ball and are big and physical. “Obviously that the case with some sides but with others it’s a great standard.

“This year I just felt that I’d seen boys going senior from the juniors and I felt that this was the best pathway for me to get noticed again. “Obviously in the Lowland League you can get noticed, especially last year with the Celtic game but other than that you don’t tend to see players going from the Lowland league into the seniors. “That might start to change now that it seems to be getting that bit more popular, but the junior route just seemed to be where players were being picked up from. “So that’s why this year I decided that I’d try the junior route and went to Kilbirnie, I thought that if I was going to do it I’d do it at the highest level that I possibly could.


And In His Days With Kilby

“The game time wasn’t really happening for me there either, Swifty had his team and his ideas on how he was going to play and it was one of those situations where I’d have to bide my time. I just didn’t feel that I had that time and made the drop down to Cambuslang Rangers. “To be fair, there isn’t a huge gap between the levels anyway and that’s why I didn’t have any qualms about doing it. “I’d been at a few clubs just to try it out and speak to people and get a feel for it and Cambuslang felt the like the best option for me. “They were really interested and everything seemed to work out in my favour if you like, so I like where I am now and everything is going well.”

When asked if there was any noticeable differences between juniors and Lowland League, he repliedNo I wouldn’t say so, it’s more or less identical. “I’d say that the juniors is deemed as a level below but I think on the face of it, Lowland League is improving year on year since it’s been up and running. “But on the standard of the player there isn’t any difference and it’s competitive enough, you’ve got some brilliant players in both set ups. “You can see the things that East Kilbride are doing, they’re flying and doing really well. “Some of the other clubs are just at their own level, but if you take a junior side playing a Lowland League side into account, I think it would be a fair and even contest and I don’t see a major gulf between them.”

When asked the secret of his great start at Somervell Park, Liam modestly answeredThere’s none really, maybe every player is different but if you feel wanted and feel liked, then as a striker it gives you confidence and its maybe something that’s been missing from myself. “I’ve felt wanted and everybody has been brilliant with me and I obviously got the first game by and scoring five on my debut was a big help. “It’s just a matter of going in and working hard and keeping your head down. “If you do the work and do the business on the park then the club will take to you and it’s working out at the minute. “We’re sitting top and even although |I didn’t score at the weekend, I can still always help the team and at the end of the day the plan is to try and get promotion out of the league for Cambuslang and hopefully we’ll get that done.

Despite losing 3-0 to Auchinleck Talbot in the WoS Cup, Liam thought it the highlight of his short time in junior footballThat was the big test for us, the previous two games we played well and won 8-2 and 8-0. But we knew going up against Talbot, who to be fair I didn’t know too much about since I’d never followed the juniors. “But from what I’d heard they were the bench mark in junior football and had been the best side for the past decade. “We knew it was going to be tough and it was.

“It was one of those were it was 3-0, but we didn’t feel as if we’d played as well as we could have, so disappointing on the day but good to see what they were like as a team. “What they do as a team works for them and you can see why they’re very successful. “So yes it has been a highlight for me and it’s good to test yourself and all the boys enjoyed themselves that day. “And it lets us see for ourselves, the type of level that we’ll need to perform at if we’re going to reach that level over the next few years.”

And what next for Liam GormleyRight now it’s just a matter of enjoying my football, playing every week and playing to the best of my ability. “Hopefully getting that opportunity from a senior club and then at the end of the day getting to the highest level that I possibly can and seeing where it takes me. “That’s the key, getting back into the senior ranks then trying to work my way up and that’s where I’m looking at anyway.“

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