Get Started On Twitter

Twitter Account Set up

Each club should nominate a suitable committee member or reliable supporter to manage their Twitter Account and Tweets. Once you have a desired person in place do the following:-

1. In a web browser go to

2. Click the ‘SIGN UP NOW’ button

3. Enter your clubs name for instance ‘Pie Shop United’

4. Enter a username (possible a shortened version of your club name) using the above as an example PieshopUTD

5. Set a password

6. Enter the email address of the club. This will be used to inform you of new followers etc

7. Type the words as instructed

8. Finally ‘click create my account’

9. You will receive an email notification – follow any instructions give to activate the account

The above will create your club or indeed a personal account. The process takes two minutes of your time

Once your account is active, login to using the credentials, locate the setting option at the top of the page and fill in any details you wish to make available such as the clubs web site, location etc.

Ensure you untick ‘protect my tweets’ and save your settings.

That is your account set up.

To Follow A Club

1. In a web browser visit and

2. You wil see a button entitled ‘Follow’ with a man and a + sign

3. Now when Glenafton make an update, it will be available to you via your twitter page which will be (change name accordingly)

To add more teams

  • Return to
  • Click the following option on the right
  • When the list appears, click the first button to the left of the club (looks like a man with a + sign next to it) to follow that club
  • Now when the club makes an update, it will appear on your Twitter page as above

You can repeat this process by visiting any club and simply follow them.

To Update Your Clubs Twitter Via a Web Browser (called a Tweet)

  • On your home page twitter page you will see a dialogue box with the name ‘What’s Happening’ Click into the box with your mouse
  • Using no more than 140 characters enter your message. For example “Pie Shop Utd go live on Twitter. All match updates and official news will be posted here”
  • Click the update button
  • Any club or user that has chosen to follow your club will now see your messages

Mobile Updates to Produce Live Scores From Matches

You will need an internet ready mobile phone for this and there are a few options on how you achieve it.

Option One

  • Use your phones internet browser and go to and sign in using your credentials
  • You will be redirected to Twitters mobile client which is basic but does the job
  • On the top of the page is ‘What’s Happening’. Simply enter your team news or score as it happens. Examples below
  • You will also see other scores etc on the same interface
  • It is that simple:)
Examples of Match Updates
Team News Glens: Semple, Connolly, Merrilees, Quinn etc
GOAL! Glenafton 1 Pie Shop Utd 0 (Shankland 8 mins)
Half Time Glenafton 1 – 0 Pie Shop Utd
Yellow Card – No 4 Pie Shop Utd
Full Time Glenafton 1 – 0 Pie Shop Utd

There should be no personal comments regarding sendings off or off sides etc – That is for the forums and match reports on web sites. All we are interested in is official statements regarding the matches.

What Will The Supporters See?
Lets assume I am following all clubs so on my phone or PC I may see something like this when logged into Twitter

  • ArthurlieFC – GOAL Smith in 18 mins. Arthurlie 1 – Dalry 0
  • Auchinleck – Goal James in 19 mins. Irvine Vics 0 – Talbot 1
  • Rutherglen – RED CARD for Kello Rovers Goalkeeper professional foul

This would continue until the end of all matches.

Option Two For Match Updates

Although the Twitter mobile web client is ample as explained in previous posting, I prefer to use an app from Apple on my iPhone.

I use three different ones for different accounts. Tweet Deck, Simple Tweet and Twitterific. Some of these are free to download others may have a small charge ranging from £0.59 to £4.99. Read the reviews and decide if its for you.

Other phones that use Windows Mobile, Android or Symbian as the operating system also have similar apps.

It would take up too much space to give instructions for each app but although there are many options in the apps, the update process is the same as in option one.

If you are computer and mobile phone literate, I would choose an app. If however you are not as confident then use the twitter mobile web page. If you can type and spell you can do it.

Option Three

On your twitter page under settings, there is a mobile option. You register your phone following the instructions which will let you update twitter using a text message. This option is hand if you do not have an internet connection via 3G etc. I use this as a last resort.

Some clubs have Wireless Internet in their offices which if opened up to the public on match days would make Tweeting the match updates easier and faster. Not that its particularly slow on 3G but more speed is always welcome.

The above instructions are all that is required to get off the live updates off the ground assuming the clubs have someone at each game to carry out the updates. It may be useful to have two people versed in the process in the event that one cannot attend a match.

One thing to mention about following and followers. You will be notified when someone new is following you. This can be another club or a supporter or Joe Bloggs just being nosey. There is no need to follow these people unless you want a load of rubbish on your screen. Just follow other clubs – If everyone follows these guidelines they should only see club(s) updates.

You may wish to try and have a background for your club with official logos or an avatar with your clubs crest. This is achieved under settings and design and settings and picture respectively.

Other bits of Useful info

RETWEET or RT: This will retweet or resend another clubs message. Often useful if a game is called off for instance. You may need to shorten the RT due to the 140 character limitation

Direct Message or DM: This will send a message directly to the recipient. These are private messages

@ username: Sends a message to a follower but is not private

Favourites: You can add tweets to your favourites for easy location later

Lists: We use lists to make it easier to follow a large number of teams. Every Junior team will be added to our lists depending on their location and league status

Non Match Days: Whilst Twitter could be a great asset on match days it can also be used to let supporters and clubs know about various events such as fund raising, players transfer listed, new signings, announcing Committee Meetings and so on. I believe if we keep the club Twitter accounts on a professional basis it will be a bonus for supporters and officials alike.

Please remember this should not be a forum. We dont want to see personal views or complaints about a referees performance for instance. Twitter is not the place for such comments.

If a follower is giving you grief or abuse – you do have the ability to block the user. You have control of this.

Please avoid the use of abbreviations when posting scores especially if you do not have the club name as your screen name and no official logo set as your avatar. For instance saying “Glens 1 Nock 1” could be Glenafton and Cumnock or Rutherglen and Greenock.

What’s new?

Thank you to those who keep the site open by providing content and footage. The site is after all for the benefit of junior football, especially the fans, so please help out and contribute. All input is vital and greatly appreciated.

Without input there is no site and we are always looking for new people to assist in any way possible so get in touch at

If you want to advertise your site get in touch or if you want to sponsor our site please contact us.

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